Matt Masson
South Africa
About Me

Matt Masson is a Cape Town based high-end wedding photographer. His style is a mix between creative portraiture and documentary which gives him flexibility and adaptability between a range of different shoots. He opts for more organic and natural imagery as opposed to overly “posed” photos. His goal for each and every shoot is to cultivate a relaxed and fun atmosphere allowing his photos to be more natural, spontaneous and emotive. He strives to push the boundaries of photography by making photos that are truly unique for all his clients.

Matt fell in love with photography at the age of fourteen on a family holiday. All of his knowledge of photography is entirely self taught which is a testament to his craft. He studied a business degree, but chose to follow his dreams and become a full time photographer. He has a genuine love for people which allows him to connect and engage with his diverse range of clients.

He has a passion for teaching and helping other photographers and frequently does mentoring and tutoring sessions helping others pursue their visions and improve their business. He is a proud ambassador for Sony Alpha and has spoken for industry giants like Sony and BlackRapid as well as local retailers like Sunshine Co and Cameraland.

He has over 9 years of experience in the wedding industry and has photographed over 300 weddings and shoots around South Africa and the world.


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